Dashboards - Put Yourself in the Pilot Seat


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Dashboards - Put Yourself in the Pilot Seat


This webinar covers a variety of topics focused on educating the viewers about dashboards and data management, and why both are important to properly managing a practice.  We provide a brief overview of dashboards and various tools that are available, then step the viewers through a live creation of a dashboard so they can see the individual steps.  We then discuss how to use data and the dashboards in a variety of decision making situations.  Since we cover a ton of ground at a very fast pace, the webinar concludes with a list of resources available for people to learn more.

The webinar follows this progression of topics:

•        Purpose and value of data management
•        Areas where data management is critical
•        Data sources and tools available
•        Benchmarking vs Dashboards
•        Examples of how dashboards are utilized in practices
•        Steps to create a dashboard
•        How are dashboards used in decision making process
•        How data is used within QAPI projects
•        Timeline to become a data-driven organization

This webinar provides 1 COE credit.

This bundle includes:

Dashboards - Presentation Slides

Dashboards - Streaming Video

Dashboards - Video Download

Speaker(s): Sky Goodwin and Brad Van Galen

Date: 5/2/2018

Media Type: Webinar

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