Revenue Cycle Management


Synopsis: This webinar will introduce the most important key performance indicators related to revenue cycle management to help attendees diagnose common issues that can result in delayed payment from insurance and patients. We will also be providing an overview of the ASOAnalytics Revenue Cycle Management and Staff Productivity Surveys which will educate users on how to use industry benchmarks to set goals for billing collection performance.

Learning Objectives

  1. Provide an overview of key performance indicators related to revenue cycle management
  2. Learn how to proactively diagnose common issues related billing and accounts receivable management
  3. Determine best practices for measuring staff productivity and efficiency related to revenue cycle management.

1 COE Credit

This bundle includes:

Revenue Cycle Management - Presentation Slides

Revenue Cycle Management - Video Download

Revenue Cycle Management - Streaming Video

Speaker(s): Andrew Maller, BSM Consulting & Matthew Chapman, Key Whitman

Date: 8/15/2018

Media Type: Webinar

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