Human Resources Regulatory Update


Attorney Amanda Shuman provides ASOA members a look at the current and upcoming Human Resources regulatory environment. From topics such as what to know about minimum wage increases and paid leave laws to applicant and new hire policies, the webinar is an essential tool for every administrator. Amanda’s focus is on empowering her clients through expert legal advice to make informed decisions about their legal issues.

Webinar Outline:

  1. Applicants/New Hires
    1. “Ban the Box.”
    2. Salary history questions
    3. Validity of waivers
  2. Updates regarding pay
    1. Overtime
    2. Minimum wage increases
  3. Leave and Sick time
    1. Paid leave laws
  4. Sexual Harassment
  5. Medical Marijuana


Provides 1 COE Credit

This bundle includes:

Human Resources Regulatory Update - Video Download

Human Resources Regulatory Update - Presentation Slides

Human Resources Regulatory Update - Streaming Video

Speaker(s): Amanda Shuman Esq.

Date: 10/10/2018

Media Type: Webinar

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