The Patient Experience


We are all striving for that perfect "patient experience." The one that will send all the patients to our doors. During this January webinar, let's look at the changes that have taken place in our healthcare environment to adversely affect the patient perceptions. We will also look at some thoughts and ideas around overcoming the roadblocks.

  • Dealing with "waiting room" experiences
  • Protecting your on line reputation by capturing the patient experience while still in your office.
  • Interactive patient comforts discussion
  • Does your office need some updates?  
  • What is the check-in process like?   
  • What can you do to make check-in and checkout an efficient experience?

Happy Patients make for Happy Staff = Happy Staff make for Happy Patients; It's a cycle. 

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This bundle includes:

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The Patient Experience - Streaming Video

The Patient Experience - Video Download

Speaker(s): Patti Barkey

Date: 1/16/2019

Media Type: Webinar

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