Marketing Your Practice

The ophthalmology marketing challenge & creating a roadmap for success.
Marketing is a huge challenge for ophthalmology practices, particularly new practices with no established customer base or community around them. How do you know where to start? What types of marketing are cost effective and work to generate new patients? How do I reach my patient base without annoying them? Inbound marketing is all about helping people find you online; using digital marketing tactics to target people who are already learning, researching and shopping for eye care. Inbound marketing strategies use a combination of SEO, social media and great content marketing to attract prospects to your website. So instead of annoying people and interrupting them this tactic actually attracts them to your online assets. This course will not only discuss the challenges that practices face but also review a path to success.

This webinar counts for 1 COE Class A credit.

This bundle includes:

Marketing Your Practice - Streaming Video

Marketing Your Practice - Presentation Slides

Marketing Your Practice - Video Download

Speaker(s): Michael Dobkowski, MBA, CEO, Glacial Multimedia Inc.

Date: 6/26/2019

Media Type: Webinar

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