UP: Taking Administrators to the Next Level


UP: Taking Administrators and Their Management Teams to the Next Level of Skill and Performance

Administrators and managers have varying strengths and skills…and bring unique experiences and knowledge to each assignment and challenge. With the demands of today’s challenging practice management environment, management skills and performance will always benefit from learning new skills or fine tuning the ones you have. In the webinar, Corinne Wohl and John Pinto review highlights from their latest book, "UP: Taking Ophthalmic Administrators and Their Management Teams to the Next Level of Skill Performance and Career Satisfaction". They teach participants a new delegation improvement tool, review how to boost your "career consciousness", review the essential core skills for administrators and mid-level managers, and also discuss ways to specifically develop each mid-level manager's skills.

This webinar speaks to both administrators and mid-level managers.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the essential core skills every administrator and mid-level manager needs
  2. Outline how to boost career consciousness and effectiveness
  3. Review how to develop mid-level managers' skills
  4. Learn a 5-step process for how to be a better delegator
  5. Review ways to lead more effectively with the doctors in your practice
Counts as 1 COE Credit

This bundle includes:

UP Webinar - Streaming Video

UP Webinar - Video Download

UP Webinar - Presentation Slides

Speaker(s): John Pinto and Corinne Wohl

Date: 7/31/2019

Media Type: Webinar

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