Personal Time Management

Webinar Synopsis:  As Administrators and Managers, we are challenged with striking the perfect balance of juggling tasks, projects, and other daily pressures.  We must work harder, faster, and longer to keep up with our ever-increasing expectations of work and personal demands. Personal time management is a way to effectively organize your time and schedule such things accordingly so that you can be a more productive and efficient leader. 
Learning Objectives:
  1. The importance of personal time management
  2. How to identify “time-wasters” and how to avoid or eliminate distractions
  3. Using your peak energy time and downtime to be more productive
  4. Planning and prioritizing projects and tasks using various techniques and tools
  5. The use of technology and tools to keep you organized and better manage your time
  6. Personal habits to keep your energy up and help you stay focused
Good for 1 COE credit

This bundle includes:

Personal Time Management - Video Download

Personal Time Management - Presentation Slides

Personal Time Management - Streaming Video

Speaker(s): Carole Dumas, MBA, COE

Date: 8/14/2019

Media Type: Webinar

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