Enhancing Optical Operations

Webinar Synopsis
As Medicare continues to cut reimbursement, many have turned to other sources of income, such as optical, to continue to grow their business. How will managers evaluate this service line to make sure it is performing at its optimal level? This webinar will examine key indicators to ensure success in your optical operations. We will provide tools to measure efficiency and ideas about how to use the information to improve your optical performance.
  1. Discover key performance indicators for optical operations in an ophthalmology practice
  2. Define benchmarks and formulas
  3. Use case studies to explore how to use information to improve efficiency
Good for 1 COE Class A Credit

This bundle includes:

Enhancing Optical Operations - Presentation Slides

Enhancing Optical Operations - Video Download

Enhancing Optical Operations - Streaming Video

Speaker(s): David Miller, MHA, COA, COE and Maureen Waddle, MBA, BSM Consulting

Date: 10/16/2019

Media Type: Webinar

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