Best Practices for Boosting Patient Payments


The first in a series of case study presentations, this webinar will showcase how a practice faced a particular issue and how that issue was resolved by a consultant and/or vendor in conjunction with the practice.

As more new patients come into the healthcare system, savvy providers are seeing opportunities to develop better relationships with the hope that will translate to greater bill collection success. In a world where patient payments represent an increasingly large portion of a providers revenue, the patient has become even more important in this process.According to Sandra Wolfskill, director, healthcare finance policy, revenue cycle MAP, HFMA, The best strategy to boost relationships with patients is to begin the financial conversation at the earliest appropriate opportunity.

Thomas Eye has implemented a process where an unprecedented 90% of their patients pay on the day of service. In this presentation, Thomas Eye will review the steps the organization implemented in order to achieve such high patient collections including

  • Over of specific workflow
  • Technology implemented   
  • Staff roles
  • Patient outcomes
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Other results

1 COE Credit.

This bundle includes:

Best Practices for Boosting Patient Payments - Audio Download

Best Practices for Boosting Patient Payments - Presentation Slides

Best Practices for Boosting Patient Payments - Streaming Audio

Speaker(s): Gerard White, CEO - Clearwave Corporation & Rod Roeser, Thomas Eye Group

Date: 10/19/2016

Media Type: Webinar

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