Medicare & Corporate Compliance

Finding the Correct Balance: The Fundamentals of Corporate Compliance.  This webinar is designed to help you, not scare you.  The  webinar will walk you through the 7 Elements needed for an “effective compliance program” under the Federal Sentencing guidelines Chapter 8. It will also will cover what is expected of you and your facility to develop a strong Corporate Compliance program.

Topics to be covered are how the government is dealing with fraud and what are a few of the new regulatory elements that are too important to overlook.  Because ophthalmology was addressed in the 2015 OIG Work Plan, practice administrators need to re-double their efforts for establishing that culture of compliance.

1 COE Credit.

This bundle includes:

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Medicare & Corporate Compliance - Streaming Audio

Speaker(s): Todd McDonagh - Healthcare Compliance Networking, Inc.

Date: 4/20/2016

Media Type: Webinar

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