Developing a Culture of Conscious Leaders


Never before has so much rapid change occurred in healthcare. This accelerated pace is becoming the ‘new normal’ as healthcare organizations become change agents in the dynamic healthcare terrain. How do we cultivate an organizational culture that encourages staff and leaders to embrace the challenges of accelerated change? One organization is making a business case for Conscious Leadership, with a measurable impact on employee and patient engagement and satisfaction. Attendees will glean knowledge of an overview of conscious leadership concepts to impact a positive culture change in your organization.

Toolkit includes the following takeaway coaching/leadership tools:

  • Above and Below the Line Drift skill card
  • Conscious Leadership Commitment tool

Learning objectives include understanding of these key conscious leadership concepts:

  • Above and Below the Line
  • The Four Ways of Being in the World
  • Drama Triangle

1 COE Credit.

This bundle includes:

Developing a Culture of Conscious Leaders - Streaming Audio

Developing a Culture of Conscious Leaders - Audio Download

Overcoming Challanges of Clinical Flow - Streaming Audio

Speaker(s): Greenville Health Systems

Date: 6/30/2016

Media Type: Webinar

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