Back to Basics: Customer Service


The term, “customer service” is one that is often bantered about and has many different meanings. In today’s society, how can we ensure that our customer service meets expectations? How do our patients feel about customer service and just how does one go about evaluating the customer service attributes of the practice? Once we know what the expectations are, how can we ensure these are being met? What sort of training is necessary to obtain an optimum level of customer service?

Obvious Questions:

  • In a world where the insurance companies seem to rule, why should we worry about customer service?
  • How do we motivate our staff to make customer service a priority?
  • How can we ensure that we are really delivering on customer service?
  • What do our patients expect when it comes to customer service?
  • What would be the number one indicator of the level of our customer service?
  • Is there a way to evaluate the ROI on customer service?
  • Do people really expect superior customer service from a doctor’s office?
  • Just what is involved in the term, “customer service?”

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Speaker(s): Steve Robinson, COE, FASOA - S&R Consulting

Date: 9/21/2016

Media Type: Webinar

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