Talking to Crazy

Let's face it, we all know people who are irrational. No matter how hard you try to reason with them, it never works. So what's the solution? How do you talk to someone who's out of control? What can you do with a boss who bullies, a spouse who yells, or a friend who frequently bursts into tears? In his book, "Just Listen, " Mark Goulston shared his bestselling formula for getting through to the resistant people in your life. Now, in his breakthrough new book "Talking to Crazy," he brings his communication magic to the most difficult group of all--the downright irrational. As a psychiatrist, Goulston has seen his share of crazy and he knows from experience that you can't simply argue it away. The key to handling irrational people is to learn to lean into the crazy--to empathize with it. That radically changes the dynamic and transforms you from a threat into an ally

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Author: Mark Goulston,M.D.

Publication Date: 2015

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