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Ultimate Technician Career Pack


Maximize your savings! The Ultimate Technician Career Pack includes:

  • "How To Be The Tech Your Doctor Can't Live Without" book
  • "10 Steps to a Phenomenal Patient Experience" book
  • Clear Pupil Gauge with Pupil Characteristics Chart
  • Enhancing Your Value & Effectiveness in the Ophthalmic Workplace

This book is a must read for every ophthalmic technician and is pocket size to fit in a purse or pocket for quick reference and on-the-go motivation. Do you want to be the tech who is considered indispensable?  Do you want to know the 11 secrets to increasing your value, competency and professionalism?  Do you want to have a fulfilling, successful career and cultivate positive work relationships? This book shares the secrets to all this and more! It reveals the results of a nationwide survey which the author conducted. She asked thousands of Ophthalmologists and Ophthalmic Practice Administrators two questions:

  • ”What do you value in a tech?” and
  • “What makes a tech indispensable?” The answers are revealing and can teach us all how to be The Tech Your Doctor Can’t Live Without

2. 10 Steps to a Phenomenal Patient Experience                                                                  

How can you help to set your practice apart from others? What does it take to WOW a patient? The answers and more are revealed in “10 Steps to a Phenomenal Patient Experience”. Learn strategies to:

  • Meet and exceed your patient’s expectations
  • Avoid typical problems which disrupt patient flow
  • Influence your patient’s perception of time
  • Customize your appointment template to best manage patient flow
  • Cultivate a positive, team environment
  • Handle difficult situations with finesse

3. Pupil Gauge with Pupil Characteristics
The clear sturdy material makes it easy to measure pupils accurately and quickly, and includes a handy reference chart of abnormal pupil findings.  Hold the gauge directly over the pupils for increased accuracy and ease.

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Author: Sharon Alamalhodaei, COMT

Publication Date: 2014

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