2015 ASOA Technician Workup Survey

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In 2009, Eyetechs and BSM Consulting, in conjunction with the American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators (ASOA), conducted a survey of ophthalmic technicians to measure time ranges for each step of the workup process. The results from that survey have been used by hundreds of practices to help gauge the time their technicians should take to workup patients, based on which exam elements the tech is performing (see 2009 “Technician Benchmarking Survey” in the ASOA Bookstore).

But things have changed since then. The adoption of electronic health/medical records (EHR/EMR) has changed the dynamics of patient workups. As we heard from many practices that EHR systems slowed down techs, both in documenting patient histories and in the balance of the workup, we decided it was time to measure patient workup durations and determine whether the assertion of longer times with electronic records is myth or fact.

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Author: ASOA, BSM Consulting, & Eyetechs, Inc.

Publication Date: 2015

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